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For me teaching is like coaching a team. Coaches have a stake in the outcome of the game. Coaches are committed to each individual player and try to get the best performance out of each player on the team. In teaching, I want to be part of the experience of learning and to facilitate learning in each of my students so they can achieve their full potential.  I want to have a stake in what my students achieve. I want to see them develop as students and people, and I want the learning environment that I create with them to be supportive and enriching.


The Tao of Leadership below captures what is for me the essence of good teaching. It always reminds me of the value of "teaching with your mouth shut".


From the Tao of Leadership


Go to the people

Live with them

Learn from them

Start with what they have

Build on what they know


But the best of leaders

When their task is accomplished

Their work done

The people will remark

We have done it ourselves

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.