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I have created a teaching portfolio so that I can be more systematic about reflecting on how I teach. I hope my teaching portfolio will provide a starting point for greater reflection about my teaching and a deeper understanding of both my limitations and my effectiveness.


My most important characteristics as a teacher are:

• A genuine respect for my students
• A clear recognition that I need to learn along with my students
• A great desire to make learning fun


To support my teaching goals I use many different instructional methods. Even so they all have similar fundamental characteristics. They are participative, practical, and related to the real work of public health.


A list of the innovative methods, materials and techniques that I use includes:

• Case based teaching
• Simulations of health systems
• Role plays
• Coaching to build interactive class exercises
• Development of a professional level project
• Developing and using Podcasts
• Development of an interactive text book


My e-Portfolio includes a statement of my teaching philosophy, descriptions of the courses I have taught, and the education programs I have created and the training publications I have authored.  I also present a description of my continuing efforts to improve my teaching, some of the awards I have won, and feedback, teaching evaluations, and reflections from my students about my coures or my teaching. Finally I try to capture what goes on in my classes my taking lots of photographs of students in the learning environment that they create. I find this is an excellent way of remembering what, when, how and with whom you have learned. I've included photos of my students working in my courses in the section "photo gallery". Please take a look.


On the navigational bar on this page you will find:


  • My own reflections on learning, teaching, and students
  • My thoughts on on-line learning after attending Boston University’s Conference on  on-line education in May 2009.
  • Using pictures describes my experience with using pictures for visioning



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.