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What really taught me a lot about the hotel development in China was the quarterly report given in 2012 about some of the hotel brands that were coming in and already developing in China. Most were internationally recognized brands, while others were domestic hotel groups set to also have a share of the large population that lives and visits China. From luxury brands and resorts to budget motels, China has begun their rapid development in the hotel industry over these few decades.


Some brief, recent facts of the hotel industry in China:


    • In 2007, there were 14,000 starred hotels in China, around 14,100 by 2009
    • 420% more than 1997
    • Most likely due to the Beijing Olympics
    • Out of these hotels, around 10% are owned by foreign companies
    • Projected hotel room provision by foreign companies in 2013 is 240,000 
  • 2008-2009
    • Post-olympics
    • RevPAR decreased by 47.5%
    • Compared to 2005:
      • Profits fell by 39%
      • Occupancy was 47%
  • 2010
      • August 2010, occupancy rates increased by 25%
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.