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Important Note

This page will unfortunately be filled with a lot of text. My camera died during the middle of this trip, so there are no pictures of rooms that I can show. The only room I vividly remember was similar to the Ponte 16 Mansion suites, except double the size, a private pool, and a $1 million HKD price tag. The point of this room was that the guest had to buy in $1 million HKD at the casino (about $129k USD), and would get this room for "free". The room was amazing, but the pricetag is just ridiculous.


I charged the camera for a tiny bit, and was able to get a few pictures of the bar at the Four Seasons Macau.


The Venetian Hotel in Macau was similar to the Venetian in Vegas, with trademarks like the gondola canals and shops. The cool thing is that the pavillion spread throughout several wings, and even connected to other hotels, such as the Four Seasons Macau. I would've loved to take more pictures, but my battery's life was too low after the Ponte 16 photos and videos I took. I also could not take pictures of the casino, since that is illegal.

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User-uploaded Content

Some of the snacks offered at the presentation:


Turkey ciabatta with lettuce and tomato

Mini chicken wrap

Filled donuts (don't remember if it was cream or jam)

Mini fruit tart

Fresh watermelon juice (no ice made it lukewarm and not as pleasant)

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Final Thought

I was honestly more impressed by the casino and pavillion than the hotel. The way the staff presented it, the Venetian was known for every operation more than their hotel operation. Most of the people who stay at the deluxe suites in the Venetian are regular gamblers too, which I feel is an annoyance (could be due to my distaste for gambling). The $1 million HKD room was an excellent room, but it would be beyond idiotic (in my opinion) to buy in at a casino with that much money...

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