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OUT! in the Community

The week will culminate in an educational fair where students will be exposed to life as a member of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual (LGBT) community throughout the years.  Each group of students will chose a decade to investigate and present to their classmates. Students should incorporate the following topics into their displays:

·        Famous members of the gay community

·        Protests

·        Laws

·        Policy change

·        Hate crimes

·        Societal attitude

       Contributions (art, music, drama) by members of the LGBT community

·        Percentage of LGBT people

Each group will be given a 3 fold poster board to display their information to the school. Students are also expected to incorporate a prop (i.e. piece of music, food, video, clothing…) to give a better sense of life in the LGBT community during their decade.

During the fair students will have the opportunity to walk around and ask their fellow classmates questions about their presentations.  All groups should be experts in their time period and prepared for any question that may arise. Information should be relevant to math, biology, history, and English and touch on discussion from each lesson throughout the week.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.