DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Instructor Evaluation
Student: Jonathan
Topic: Inferno and the City

1. Brief presentation of your topic- Dante’s love-and-hate relationship with Florence

2. Brief summary of your main sources – An argument source would be helpful.

3. Explanation of your argument – How and why is Inferno depicted as a city and a body? → Excellent question; Why does Dante choose a city as a central metaphor for Hell?

4. Problems or challenges that you are facing / Questions - could have been better here.

Clarity: √
Pitch-variance: √
Enunciation: √
Posture: √
Pace: √
Eye Contact: √
Projection: √
Fluency: √

• Are you interested more in Florence or in “the city” in general? The city of Dis?
• If the city, then what will you focus on? Walls? Structures? Architecture?
• If Florence, then will you look at particular moments when Florence appears in the poem?
• The body politic? (City as body; political corruption→ bodily corruption)
• Focus, focus, focus. Focus on a smaller question in order to answer a bigger, more important question.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.