DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Welcome to the e-Portfolio for Implementation of Global Health Programs (GH 743), Spring 2019.


In this e-Portfolio, we hope to provide useful observations, exercises, and tools that will be helpful for improving health program implementation. As professionals working in low- and middle-income countries, we often end up running programs we did not design, which are under-financed and face enormous implementation challenges.


This website will serve as a record for our efforts to grapple with implementation issues in public health organizations in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Liberia, and Uganda. 


On these pages we will try to capture our work and observations in working with our partner organizations.


Here are some of the skills and competancies for program implemenation that we will be undertaking and documention in our e-Portfolio:


  • Developing a team contract with members of a consulting team
  • Developing and present a work plan for a project
  • Preparing a Gantt chart that graphically displays the sequence of activities for a project or work plan
  • Writing a job description based on programmatic needs
  • Writing a newspaper advertisement for recruiting personnel
  • Conducting a review of candidates and prioritizing them for hiring decisions
  • Developing a pay structure that is fair and balanced
  • Managing employee complaints
  • Conducting a performance review
  • Selecting appropriate drugs for a program
  • Estimating quantities of drugs needed for a program
  • Managing pharmaceutical inventory
  • Evaluating drug use
  • Using a cell phone to collect and transmit health data
  • Conducting a stakeholder analysis
  • Conducting a gap analysis
  • Using the PDSA cycle in a practical setting to recommend changes in practice
  • Assessing patient satisfaction
  • Preparing a budget for a program
  • Analyzing a financial statement
  • Conducting a supervisory visit
  • Writing a supervisory plan
  • Designing a supervisory system
  • Evaluating a health program
  • Creating and using an e-Portfolio to document skills and knowledge


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.