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My Research Projects:


  • Attitudes Towards Mental Health on the BUMC Campus
  • Evaluation of Health Facilities in Southern Kajiado, Kenya
  • Price & Availability of Essential Medicines in the Boston Area

During my studies at Boston University School of Public Health, I was given multiple opportunties to take part in research studies. Each of the research projects I have included in this portfolio are ones in which I took an active role in the entrie research process. This means I helped plan the sudy, design data collection tools, collected data in the field, cleaned & stored data, and conducted analysis on the data. I even traveled to Kenya for one of the studies.


I used the following programs to assist in my research in either one or all of these projects:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • R
  • CSPro
  • KoboToolbox
  • NVivo

Also exposure to EpiInfo & STATA



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.