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Writing Samples


I pride myself in my strong writing skills and ability to clearly and conversationally communicate complex data, policies, and concepts. I have been regarded for my strong writing skills by peers, professors, managers, and colleagues.


These skills gave me the lead position on a group research paper under direction of a professor; I was in charge of final edits, making different writings styles flow, and bringing everyone's thoughts and ideas together in the disucssion section. 


I have also been given various writing tasks in my latest position at the Access to Medicine Foundation and was even assigned additional project management duties for the report and editing tasks in addition to writing my report section.


In this section I have included a wide range of different written works composed laregly by myself, individually. For more samples of reports written with a team, please see the Reports section. Additional written works composed with a team can also be found in the Projects section. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.