DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Core Courses:

  • BS 701: Elementary Biostatistics (Vanessa Xanthakis)
  • EP 713: Introduction to Epidemiology (Susan Brogly)
  • IH 704: International Public Health and Medical Care: A Systems Approach (Rich Feeley)
  • IH 720: Social and Behavioral Sciences in International Public Health (Lora Sabin)
  • EH 708: Introduction to Environmental Health (Junenette Peters)
  • LW 707: Essentials of Public Health Law (Patricia Roche)
IH Electives:
  • IH 702: Skills in Critical Analysis and Evidence Based Writing for Public Health Professionals (Nancy Scott & Rich Feeley)
  • IH 703: Global Public Health: History, Approaches, and Practices (Harold Cox)
  • IH 715: Antiretroviral Program Management and Adherence Issues in Low‐Resource Settings (Lora Sabin)
  • IH 744: Program Design for International Health (Jim Wolff & Monita Baba-Djara)
  • IH 745: Monitoring and Evaluation of International Health Programs (Candace Miller & Nancy Scott)
  • IH 755: Managing Disasters and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (Monica Onyango)
  • IH 803: Antimicrobial Resistance: Facing a Future Without Effective Medicines (Warren Kaplan)
  • CS 201: Power Volleyball
  • GS 114: Golf
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.