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Posted in this section are sample projects completed during my time at Boston University. Listed below are summaries of each project:


MTV's Shuga analysis:

As part of the Stayin' Alive Campaign, MTV launched the television series "SHUGA" in Kenya to help get young people thinking and talking about issues such as "living with HIV, the importance of knowing your status, and the dangers of free living and irresponsible sex". The series aims to inform and empower young people ot become involved in stemming the epidemic. This series is a result of collaboration between MTV, UNAIDS, UNICEF, and PEPFAR.


Watch all three episodes of SHUGA on: http://mtvshuga.com/clips/shuga-series-2-trailer/


Using concepts learned in social & behavioral sciences, we were asked to analyze SHUGA campaign's objectives and messages.


Tackling the Problem of Diarrhea in Indonesia:

Firstly, acknowledgement to my wonderful group: Alyssa Childs, Shari Davis, and Rebecca Lee.


This assignment required us to conduct an in-depth exploration fo a health behavior using several different methods to determine the nature of the problem, who is affected, and what are likely intervention points. The health area and assigned region for this assignment was maternal and child health in South East Asia. 


Literature Review:

Papers were assigned to critically review a number of given literature regarding different topics.


MAMA Monitoring & Evaluation:

Firstly, acknowledgement to my wonderful group: Lauren Bobay, Meaghan Bradley, and Asari Offiong.


This assignment requires us to create an evaluation portfolio of an actual organization of choice. With an interest with maternal and child health, we decided to collaborate with Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA).

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.