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Service to profession



Organizer and Chair, “American Fiction after Postmodernism” Panel, Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, Johns

   Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 03/2017

External Book Manuscript Reviewer, Cambridge University Press, 2016

Organizer, A Sense of Inexhaustibility: A Colloquium on William T. Vollmann, Boston University, 10/16

External Article Reviewer, Irish Studies Review, 2016

External Book Proposal Reviewer, Routledge, 2013

External Book Manuscript Reviewer, Lehigh University Press, 2013

External Article Reviewer, Orbit: Writing around Pynchon, 2011

Organizer, “Seeking a Postmodern God: Representations of the Absent Center in Contemporary

   Writing” Panel, Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, McGill University,

   Canada, 04/2010 (with Magdalena Mączyńska)

External Article Reviewer, Plenum: The South Carolina State University Journal of

   Interdisciplinary Studies, 2010

Chair, “American Modernism and Loss” Panel, Annual Conference of the American Literature

   Association, Boston, MA, 05/2009

Chair, “Contemporary Fiction” Panel, Annual Conference of the American Literature

   Association, Boston, MA, 05/2009

Organizer and Chair, “Colonial Contexts / Contemporary Texts: Rewriting the Americas”

   Seminar, Global Languages, Local Cultures: Annual Meeting of the American Comparative

   Literature Association, Harvard University, MA, 03/2009 (with Antonio Barrenechea)

Chair, “Acts of Privacy and Tentative Revelation: The Fictions of Edna O’Brien and Elizabeth

   Bowen” Panel, Marvels and Monuments: American Conference for Irish Studies New England Regional Conference, Boston University, MA, 11/2008

Organizer and Chair, “Irish Literary Modernism?” Panel, Varieties of Irishness: Annual

   Conference of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures, University

   College, Dublin, Ireland, 07/2007

Chair, “Retórica en sociedad. Retórica y cultura” Panel, International Society for the History of

   Rhetoric 14th Biennial Conference, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, 07/2003


University service


Boston University



Book Reviews Editor & Editorial Board Member, Impact: The Journal of the Center for


   Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning, 2011–18


Faculty Affiliate, Institute for the Study of Irish Culture, Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching &


   Learning, College of General Studies, 2012–18

Member, Council of Coordinators, College of General Studies, 2014–18


Coordinator, Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation Grant, “Beginning with the Humanities: Learning across the Disciplines,” 2016–17

Alternate Representative for CGS, Faculty Council, 2015–17

Faculty Mentor, to Visiting Scholar from Nanjing Normal University, China, 2015–16

Member, Post-Doctoral Committee, Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning, College

   of General Studies, 2013

Writing Center Tutor, College of General Studies, 2009–10 & 2012–13

Mentor, Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow,

   College of General Studies, Fall 2012

Member, College Self-Study Committee, College of General Studies, 2011–12

Humanities Instructor, Boston Scholars Academic Orientation, 2012

Member, Search Committee (2 positions), Humanities Division, College of General Studies,


Member, Faculty Research and Scholarship Committee, College of General Studies, 2009–11


The University of TennesseeMartin


Leader, Two-week travel-study trip to the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, 2008

   (with Anna Clark)

Faculty Sponsor, Student book club, 2008

Director and Reader of Senior Honors Theses, 2007–08

   Director: “G. K. Chesterton” by Ryan

   Reader: “Banned Books” by McClure

Advisor to undergraduate English majors, 2007–08

Member, Student and Alumni Relations Committee, English Department, 2006–08

Juror, English Department Scholarly Essay Student Writing Contest, 2008

Co-leader, GRE review for undergraduates, Spring 2007

Juror, English Department Short Story Student Writing Contest, 2007

Juror, Interdisciplinary Scholarly Essay Student Writing Competition, 2007


Samford University


External Thesis Reader, 2006

   “Theory and Practice: Discontinuity in the Poetry of Robert Frost” by Williams

   “The Unclassifiable E. E. Cummings” by Hart


The Catholic University of America


Internal Submissions Reviewer, CRUX Literary Magazine, 2003–04

Tutor, Writing Center, three semesters

Advisor, ESL Laboratory, Metropolitan College, 2001–02


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.