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Boston University


Existentialism and the Nouvelle Vague (Directed Study)

Humanities I: Traditions in the Humanities (The Ancient World through the Renaissance)

Humanities II: Breaks with Tradition (The Enlightenment to the Present)

Humanities III: History of Western Ethical Philosophy (Plato to Nietzsche)

Humanities IV: History of Western Ethical Philosophy II (Ethical Philosophy and Applied


Nietzsche: His Ancient and Modern Contexts (Directed Study)



The University of TennesseeMartin


Contemporary American Literatures

The Modern Novel

Modern Poetry

Studies in British and Commonwealth Writers since 1660: Twentieth-Century Irish Literature:

            Yeats – Joyce – Beckett – Heaney

Irish Poetry after Yeats

American Literary Tradition I & II

English Composition: Beatniks, Bebop, and Bomb Shelters: American Culture in the 1950s

English Composition: Image – Music – Text

English Composition: Fight the Power!: Robin Hoods, Rebels, and Revolutionaries


The Catholic University of America


Modern American Poetry

Survey of American Literature I & II

Studies in Short Fiction

Literature of Fantasy

Composition and Introduction to Literature

Argumentative Writing

Rhetoric and Composition

Art of Rhetoric / Media and Rhetoric (Teaching Assistant)

Film Narrative: Stanley Kubrick (Teaching Assistant)

Homer to Joyce (Teaching Assistant)

New American Film Directors (Teaching Assistant)

Poetry and Rock in the Age of Dickey and Dylan (Teaching Assistant)


American University


College Writing Seminar: Writing the Modern City

College Writing


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.