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Before continuing Essay 3, I wrote a midterm reflection assessing what I had done so far in the course.  I addressed improvements and weaknesses, but more importantly, goals I wanted to accomplish in Essay 3. 

    The main problem I have with writing is not being able to ground my ideas into words, back then and now.  In past essays, the introduction paragraph was the most time consuming, sometimes taking at least an hour and a half to write.  However, after the lesson on writing the three-part introduction, it really helped me organize my thoughts and gave me a sense of direction.  My brainstorms began with an outline of my introductory paragraph that concluded with the thesis, then followed by evidence that supported that thesis while answering the motive ("the writing action" gallery; image 2).

    Feedback has played an integral role in my improvements.  Comments on mechanics and basic writing strategies have greatly helped.  When I was having a hard time synthesizing my thoughts in an essay as a whole, Professor Hardy suggested that I write a paragraph that summarized what I intended in my essay (“the writing action”; image 4).  Besides understanding my own thought process, that one paragraph gave me lots of perspective, and I what I needed to expand on in my full body essay.  Conferences also provided the opportunity to discuss my ideas with Professor Hardy, who helped me channel and refine those thoughts into my writing.

    However, I still have a lot of goals to meet and improve on.  Although I applied skills I learned in Essay 2.1, the use of multiple sources in Essay 2.2 revealed the same problems I had in Essay 1.1.  Again, I used blocked passages and lots of citations, which resulted in the loss of my own voice.  I want to build a stronger command on explicating passages, and using specific quotes that are only relevant.  As mentioned before, I have difficulty associating words with my thoughts and therefore, writing takes a lot more time than I expect.  When writing the next paper, I hope to set a timeline for the completion of each part, and therefore, allowing time to reconsider and edit my thoughts.  By practice and attention to detail, I know I can eventually reach the WR150 goals.


The following pages in this section concentrate on my final paper - the complete Essay 3.2.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.