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The WR150 Course is meant to be the next step after WR100: moving away from focusing on analyzing the text to incorporating secondary sources while mastering more advanced writing and research skills.  The following course goals were presented at the beginning of the semester.

I. Argumentation


1.    Arriving at an authentically debatable thesis

2.    Supporting a claim by presenting evidence

3.    Addressing a counterargument

4.    Developing a thesis over the course of an essay in a series of argumentative moves

II. Research


1.      Reading and understanding different kinds of academic sources

A. Adopting effective reading strategies for different kinds of scholarly writing

B. Clearly and accurately summarizing a variety of genres of scholarly writing

C. Synthesizing viewpoints drawn from multiple sources


2.      Working with multiple sources to formulate an original argument

A. Articulating a motive for a thesis-driven essay in terms of the ideas of others

B. Supporting a claim through citing a variety of kinds of sources

C. Distinguishing own ideas from those of a source that is supportive or influential

D. Refuting ideas from a source and refining own argument accordingly


3.  Doing independent research for a multisource essay

A. Finding sources independently: Mugar stacks, Mugar web-based sources

B. Evaluating quality and relevance of sources

C. Citing a variety of kinds of sources (book, part of book, article, electronic) according to MLA style

D. Comparing and relating sources that directly or   

indirectly refer  to each other’s ideas

E.   Defining and revising inquiry through the process of both exploratory and focused research

III. Writing Process


1.   Making use of process documents in the development of an essay

2.   Revising essays in response to feedback

3.   Revising essays in response to further research

4.   Selecting and presenting evidence of learning in portfolios

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.