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A Place Called Liberty Street

I visited New York City for only the second time in my life with a BU club over Spring Break 2012. During our free time, we walked around different parts of the city. I had turned in my second essay, Occupy the First Amendment, before the break, so I was not thinking about WR150 at all. Yet, when someone mentioned that Zuccotti Park was just around the corner, I begged to go see it. Finally, I would see the place that had dominated the news in the fall and my paper the previous week.


What I got was a handful of protestors not affiliated with Occupy, leftover bike racks propped up against a side wall, and some NYPD officers giving the excited tourist girl with the camera strange looks. There was nothing to see while the Occupy movement slept in winter hibernation.  Disappointed and slightly annoyed, I told my friends we could leave. As we waited to cross the street, my eyes wandered down to my feet, and the irony of what I saw deserved a picture.


Liberty St.


Liberty, one of the many things Occupy claims to defends, sits carved into concrete mere feet from their protesting. Liberty can be so close, but if we do not realize it is there, it can be missed. It has to be continually sought after, reinterpreted, understood. I decided to build my portfolio around this picture, because in studying the First Amendment, I studied rights and freedom. I studied Liberty.


This course started my quest of "Finding Liberty Street." Now, explore this portfolio and start yours.

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  • Need another portfolio example? Interested in art? Maybe just bored on Digication? Check out my WR100 portfolio here.
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