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Overview of our IH 745 - Monitoring and Evaluation program design for the AME-SADA Cholera Prevention Program in Arcahaie and Cabaret, Haiti


The African Methodist Episcopal Church Service and Development Agency (AME-SADA) Cholera Prevention Program is being implemented to help fight the on-going cholera epidemic in Arcahaie and Cabaret, Haiti, two towns without a presence of other non-profit organizations.

In January of 2011, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund awarded a grant to AME-SADA to expand their program. These funds seek to significantly decrease the incidence of new cholera cases through the training of local healthcare practitioners; obtaining necessary supplies for the treatment of cholera and water sanitation; and through educational training for the public.

This evaluation is focused on the impact of the education efforts targeting the public. We will evaluate the effectiveness of the prevention arm of the program (education and community mobilization/empowerment) to ultimately decrease the incidence of cholera in these two towns. This evaluation will be useful for future prevention projects organizations might implement in the area. It will also be an effective tool in providing concrete data on the success of this program for grant proposals and funding of similar projects by AME-SADA.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.