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Assignment Name: Research Prospectus



Taking the comments received on the Research Portfolio, begin to design a Prospectus of your research project. A Prospectus is a formal document that outlines, in detail, the major questions, arguments, and sources for your project.

Prospectus should be 1500-2100 words

The prospectus should be organized into three portions.
1.    Abstract. In this section, outline the arguments you intend to make in your project. Focus on the major themes or premises of your project, and suggest either 1) the specific question(s) you will answer or, 2) your project thesis. Explain how you arrived at this organizing question/thesis.
2.    Source Materials. In this portion, make use of your Annotated Bibliography. Suggest how you intend to use at least four non-Exhibit sources to prove your thesis or answer your research-driven question.
3.    Bibliography. Give an extensive bibliography of all the sources you intend to use, whether you have read them yet or not. The bibliography does not count in your word limit.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.