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Welcome to my portfolio!

I have researched changes human sexuality and the related taboos and social norms. This portfolio documents not only that research, but also the work I did learning how to research a topic in the first place.

Table of Contents

Under the Summaries tab, you will find the Fact, Theory, Argument, and Exhibit summaries I did prior to starting my research project. These helped me to understand how to talk about various types of source of information.


My personal thoughts on the readings I've done throughout this course can be found under the Journals tab. This is my sort of creative outlet where I can speak my mind and not be penalized for being colloquial and silly.


The Proposal tab is home to my research proposal. There I put forward my ideas for my research topic and some possible sources.


My Prospectus is a slightly more thesis centered version of my proposal. My sources are also cited and referenced.


The Bibliography tab will show you my annotated bibliography. There you can find all of my sources, my brief summaries of them, and my comments on how I intend to use them.


The Reflections tab leads to a brief reflection of my research experience.


And finally, the Notes tab has a link to a document showing how I took organized myself for this project.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.