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April 7, 2011


National Center for Health Statistics (US). January 2010. Health, United States, 2009. Hayattsville, MD: 2010.

Prepared by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, this report provides charts and graphs on health trend within the Unites States.  This book also features the use of medical technology and its transformation of the health care system.


 Kates J., Fischer J., Lief E. 2009. U.S. Governments Global Health Policy Architecture: Structure, Programs, and Funding [Internet].  [cited 2011 April 6] Available from www.kff.org...

This document provides charts, percentages, and descriptions on the U.S. global health policy. This document gives information/percentages on government funding for particular diseases (HIV, Flu...) and the most influential departments and agencies (Peace Corps, CDC...).  This source also lists policies, acts, and target areas.  The report provides good background knowledge on United States health policies, and acts as a guide for our team to create a more proactive health policy for BU and other organizations.  


Bloomfield, Sally F. 2009. The global burden of hygiene-related diseases in relation to the home and community [Internet]. [cited 2011 April 6] Available from: www.ifh-homehygiene.org

Discusses the importance of hygiene in the home. Begins with the history of infectious disease in relation to community hygiene since the 1970’s. It also briefly discusses patterns of global hygiene in home and community.  It goes into detail about types of diseases, such as intestinal. And discusses what causes these outbreaks. This is similar to BU and university/community activity in relation to infectious diseases. We can use this report as a guideline to help determine how hygiene is big factor and policies to combat disease through hygiene.      


This week our group met to discuss our topic and divid up research information. I printed out our policy proposal and also offered to be group coordinator. Our tasks for the second meeting were to come up with 2-3 annotated bibliographies. My job was to find information on the government role in the global health and combating infectious diseases.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.