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It’s always the same request: ‘Give a brief description of you’.
That’s all anyone wants to know: me in one sentence.

That’s all I want, too.


Maybe this random amalgamation of snippets I put together will help me piece together that perfect sentence.
Maybe it will help me piece together my imperfect life along the way.


I am a firm believer in science and medicine and facts and evidence, but there is another side to life that is blurry and vague and beautiful altogether.

And that side is faith and miracles and passion and souls. It’s made up of words, expressions, sounds that can be made and understood by the heart alone. That side is true music and true love and sorrow as genuine as true happiness.


If I had to live on that side until there was no life in me, I could do it without a second look or glance or thought.

But carrying out the dream of becoming a physician is a heavy task that snatches you from magic’s side and brings you back to practicality.


Every now and then I rediscover my true passions. I find the ability to slip away from formulas and pharmacology and memorizing management protocols. I immerse myself in everything that is intangible, and that is where I make the connections.

Those between miracles and medicine. Between music and memory. Between the knowledge we’ve had and the feelings we’ve known.


Between my future profession and my true identity.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.