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Meeting 2


Egypt Outline

Group #2


Look at the whole document to see if your name is on it! If your name is in red next to a topic I need you to keep researching ( look at the bibliography Tim created) and write a solid 2-3 page analysis of your assigned topic


Rejecting Belligerent Behavior Towards Egypt: An Abridged Outlook on US Military Foreign


(Policy Recommendation Format)




I.               Introduction (3-4) ( Salma)

a.     Problem: United States-Egypt relations are currently being strained by the intermediary role the US government plays in the foreshadowed Egyptian-Israeli conflict under the new

leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi.

                     i.Why important to investigate

1.     Wasted money because Egyptians are not seeing the money. Its being stockpiled for military use. If Egypt is unstable within it’s own walls, how can we expect it to be able to maintain stable relationships with other countries?

2.         One reason the US is supplying this aid is so Egypt feels secure from Israel. If Egypt and Israel are both receiving military aid and were to attack, all we’re doing is funding their war. We have a history of support towards Israel and must keep the Egypt Israel relationship stable or risk losing relations with Egypt entirely.  

3.   Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood endanger the peace created through the camp david accords, we must insure that these stresses do not destabilize this key treaty of peace. If the treaty was to fail, American interests within Egypt and Israel will be at stake.    

4.     The Muslim Brotherhood. By giving this aid to such a radical, unstable, corrupt group, we’re funding a potential military conflict between Egypt and Israel.


b.     Thesis: Through strategic initiatives aimed at developing infrastructure, homeland security and mutual understanding between Egyptian and Israeli peoples, the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Trusteeship will ensure stable American-Egyptian relations under the new Morsi Government.

old: In order to ensure stable US-Egypt relations, we must create and implement policies that accomplish the following tasks: We must limit military aid while funding strategic local projects within Egypt, instill a universal sense of safety within the Egyptian and Israeli people, and deter Muslim Brotherhood influence in the area.

o   Important: Create an atmosphere where they’re friendly towards us and we are friendly towards them; we don’t want them electing another leader with ties to Muslim Brotherhood who is anti-Western. SHow Egypt that it is in their best interest to stay allied with us and not to pick on Israel; if they do pick on Israel then they will not stay allied with us. We have to imply that if they were to attack Israel, we’d have their backs without being too explicit in nature; otherwise, they wouldn’t want to remain partners.


II.             Background information/historical perspective on the problem ( 5-6)

     i.Egypt country background before revolution (Columbia University African Studies Country Study: Egypt ) (Tim)

1.     Under Nasser

a.     Suez Canal controversy

2.     The Aftermath of Camp David and the Assassination of Sadat

3.     Mubarak and the middle way


                                            ii.Arab Spring and Egypt (Joey)

1.     How did it affect Egyptian people mindset

2.     Bought Egypt into more trouble with economic troubles and infrastructure

                                           iii.Muslim Brotherhood ( Joey)

1.     Islamic “Democracy” in Egypt and their rise to power (Fotopoulos, Takis)

2.     New government bears responsibility for reform (Human Rights Watch)


                                           iv.General relations between US and Egypt (Wendy)

1.     Sadat Negotiations with US (Safty, Adel)

2.     Egypt financial situation and US aid (Owen, Roger)

3.     Strengthening US-Egypt Relationship (Council on Foreign Relations)

4.     Issues for congress in relation to Egypt (Congressional Research Service)


                                            v.Israel-Egypt-US triangle ( Aaron/Jamie)

1.     Overview of Camp David Accords (Britanica)

2.     Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty (Primary Source from Middle East Journal)

3.     Is it possible to create peace in the region without giving military aid to the countries?

4.     How can we make both Egypt and Israel feel secure that either wont attack each other?


                                           vi.Budget details ( Austin)

1.     US foreign Aid compared to other countries?

a.     Include diagrams of US aid to Egypt (Aid Watch)

b.     Ambassador to Egypt opinion on aid to Egypt (US embassy)

c.     US financial assistance from 1975-2009 (USAID)

d.     John Kerry’s aid to Egypt ( New York Times)

                                         vii.Literature Review (

1.     Theories offered on the crisis

a.     Alternative solutions given in journals/articles

i.Engage non-Islamist parties, Emphasis benefits of            US aid to Egypt ( Washington Institute)

                                                                                                  ii.Sadat’s Peace Initiative and Failure (Uri-Bar Joseph)


2.     Why most current ideas are inefficient

Past us foreign aid to Egypt

Current aid

Implications of the aid


III.           Imaginary Group ( 5-6)

a. Egypt Foreign Affairs Board of Trusteespolicy proposal presented to the President on a semi-annual basis.

i.Rather than being a subcommittee we decided to more influentially effect policies by creating a more centralized group. The board of trustees which incorporates all influential counterparts to Egypt

ii.By including the Chairman of the US Senate foreign relations, US ambassador to Egypt, representative from USAID Egypt, Secretary of State John Kerry, we will have a diverse group that can understand different perspectives on relations with Egypt. They can come up with a better comprehensive plan to be offered to the president rather than if they had worked separately

iii.Why we chose those people to be in the committee? Their importance/influence on Egypt policy? Can new members join? (Salma)


b.     Introduce briefly our plan/Recommendation

                                              i.List of assumptions that we are basing our policy on

Would president accept this? Why would he? Arab spring book.

IV.           Present our Cohesive Plan (10-15)

a.     What it is? ( make sure to relate it back to budget)

                                              i.Funding strategic local projects within Egypt

1.     Can we apply our stimulus to infrastructure to better the American image in Egypt?      

a.     ie: France built Egypt a metro

2.     Tourism, how can we bolster this vital Egyptian industry?

3.     Clear pollution? social stimuli through specific projects rather than just giving money

                                            ii.American Ambassador in Egypt

1.     Increased cooperation between policy makers and American ambassador

2.     right now, state department hasn't visited Egypt and creates their foreign policy BUT the ambassador needs to have a more active role in securing peace and TRUST

3.     ambassador needs to comfort muslim brotherhood that US is willing to help them with social problem

4.     let them distribute aid to local NGOS aid make it through big publicity to show all US is there to support Egyptian people


Potential arguments against this part of the plan? And then rebut those?



                                           iii.Deterring Muslim Brotherhood influence in the area

1.     Specific plan???

Potential arguments against this part of the plan? And then rebut those?


                                           iv.Instilling a universal sense of safety within the Egyptian and Israeli people ( Aaron)

1.     UN peacekeeping accords

2.  Camp david accords is based off of the idea of land for peace.


Potential arguments against this part of the plan? And then rebut those?



b.     How to implement it?

                                              i.Through the trusteeship board because by creating a more centralized figure on US-Egypt relations implementation will be more effective

                                            ii.How much money is the US going to give in this new proposal? Egypt/breakdown of the costs?


c.     Implications of the recommendation?

                                              i.Can only have general positive implications since there is no direct military action involved

                                            ii.Cost for the US?

1.     Although US would financially be contributing more, it will in the long term be extremely beneficial


V.             Conclusion (2-3)

a.     Short summary on how history has affected Egypt now

b.     How the proposed policy takes into account history and complex problems without using military means

c.     The future of Egypt with the implantation of this plan?

d.     Hopefully this will open the door for others to go further to solve other issues



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.