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So how did it all start? How does one become an organizer for an event of such caliber?


Just do it! Be tenacious. I've always wanted to host a TED talk event at some point in my life. In my mind, the most plausible time period would be during college because I would have the appropriate resources (both monetary and volunteer wise)  to execute a great event without being buried in expenses.


Although, TEDx is separately organized, it promotes the spirit TED's mission to spread "ideas worth sharing". As well as encourages independent organizers to create TED like events in their own communities. 


To start, I had to apply on-line through their site: 



You can see my application in this document:

License Application.docx


However, it turns out a sophomore from BU had applied a week before I had. Therefore, my application was put on pause until his was either accepted or denied. Rather than hoping that my application was accepted over his, I was simply ecstatic that someone shared my excitement for bringing TEDx to BU! Therefore, I decided to get his contact information and ask if we can partner up to create an impactful and hopefully yearly event. 


Therefore, I am now co-sponsoring TEDxBU with an extremely passionate and dedicated sophomore who I am proud to work with! We have created different organizing committees for different parts of the event.


For us, this is not just an event. We want to create a legacy of "ideas worth spreading" at BU that will last a lifetime. This is not just about speakers. This is about creating an active community that is inspired by each other. Each of our guests will be put through an immersive experience that they will be able to benefit from in the long term.


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