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Salma Yehia

Capstone Self-Assessment


      The capstone experience will be something unforgettable at my time here at BU. The amount of knowledge I gained from only three weeks of research and writing is abundant. And, looking back at the paper I see how my group was able to use almost all classes from CGS and incorporate them into our essay. For example, in the conclusion we went back to freshman year of social science and we were able to talk about human interactions, basic sociology, to offer a broad perspective on our topic. Moreover, we weighed in the moral implications of our plan as part of remembering what we had learned this semester in humanities. Also, I found it useful to have written about Russia and China in papers for social science this semester because we had to understand the historical perspective and this capstone paper had to incorporate that as well. We all had to go back in time and remember rhetoric rules of grammar and sentence structure in order to present the most cohesive paper.


           More specifically, in relation to developing my writing, research, and editing skills, capstone has taught me life-long lessons that will help me moving forward in any field. While researching with my group, we ended up finding so many different focal points that could have been used in our essay. I learned that the most important part for researching is keeping an eye for all options then once we truly understand the general topic, we can condense and chose one path of research. Research is not only a one step process. I’ve learned that it requires going back to the library and Internet multiple times. Also, I had to really focus the paper as much as possible that really required editing not simply on the grammatical level but also on a ‘content’ level. I sat down with one other member from my team and we truly made sure that every paragraph in the essay connected back to our thesis/ issue at hand. When actually writing, I felt extremely confident because of the fact that my o CGS courses had required me to continuously push my writing and myself in order to do well. However, as other peers read it, I noticed that I still needed to work on not making my sentence structures so complicated.


        I also learned how to strategically place evidence within our paper to create a strong argument. At first, I would want to put big chunks of a quote into certain sections. But, with my teammates help, they taught me how to condense and be concise. I also helped other peers how to put quotes in the right places. Also, I learned that I can’t make so many assumptions. And that the places where I made assumptions, I need to back up my claims with solid evidence; this especially rang true when I was writing phase two in the essay.


      On a last note, I truly believe that if it weren’t for my teammates, the paper would not have been up to par. We truly depended on each, helped each other, and pushed each other to create the best possible paper we could. I developed new friendships and new skills through capstone. CGS has been an amazing experience for the past two years. It truly saddens me that it has to come to an end. However, I am joyous that incoming freshman will be able to meet amazing professors and earn a unique experience just as I have. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.