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Purpose of Academic Affairs

1. Support the academic excellence of the Undergraduates at Boston University

2. Responsible for supporting the work of the students

3. Enrich the BU community with events that feature guests from various academic fields

4. Find ways to better the relationship between students and faculty from the different colleges

5. Highlight the academic achievements of the BU community

6. Act on undergraduate concerns in the area of academic affairs

7. Serve as the Chair of the Department on Academic Affairs


Director Position

As the Director of Academic Affairs, I am responsibility for the direction of the department and implementing policies that would positively effect students. This is done through working with Boston University Administration to achieve a unified goal of satisfying the undergraduate BU student population. 


Inspiration for Foundation of Department

The entire academic community must work together to place more of an emphasis on student learning and to create a seamless learning environment between in- and out-of-class experiences for students. In a seamless learning environment, students will have opportunities for learning both in the classroom and out-of-the classroom through co-curricular activities. Students will work with and get to know faculty and staff while taking courses and participating in non-classroom learning activities. All of these learning experiences will contribute to personal growth and development in students. In order for seamless learning to become a reality, increased collaboration and cooperation between faculty and staff must exist so that the communication and organization of learning activities is enhanced (ACPA, 1994; Bloland et al, 1996; Hyman, 1995; Kuh et al, 1994; Kuh, 1996).




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.