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Our group sat down together and decided that our plan before was too vague and diffuclt to initate SOOOO we refocused and each of us contributed to a new way of thinking. this developed into our "Phase Plan"


Phase Idea: ( 10 year plan?)

phase 1:

    • Maintain current military spending.  Increase spending in the social sector.

    • Divert financial aid from Morsi Government to social programs facilitated by American industry (ie: public transportation, cleaner industry, economic stimulus, micro investments, spur tourism!) This money is not under the camp david accord, we can do whatever we want with it!

  • it will automatically create more jobs for the egyptian people

    • Egyptian Problems

    • Traffic Laws

    • Organization of Police Force

    • Weakness of Local Law Enforcement

    • Overpopulation

    • how can we be sure that egypt will upkeep the programs we instill? the metro sucks and hasn’t been updated almost ever!

    • create self-sustaining elements...HOW?

  • The solution is based on how effectively we create the initial social programs.  

  • we must share technology in what we are building with egypt

  • furthermore, we should not physically build anything, we should base our strategy off of stimulus grants.

  • Egyptian entrepreneurs can propose projects that fall under social progression and we allocate money depending on how promising the project looks.  

Phase 2:

    • Public support has been accomplished thanks to phase 1. (come at us Morsi!)

    • Balance the key foreign policy issues, Israel and Egypt, USA and Egypt.  

    • with an end goal of cutting military spending and maintaining American - Egyptian relations, we must first stabilize relations with Israel, a key American ally.  

    • Summit to establish and update the Camp David Accords into a part 2

    • reasons why Egypt and Israel should uphold treaty?

  • update this to modern times with changing government to continue meeting the best interests of all parties

  • remind them that the US is the glue to this situation

    • push a UN-controlled Jerusalem

    • if Egypt and Israel brokered this deal, Egypt would look strong to the middle eastern region by facilitating arabic control over this crucial holy city.   

    • would be a victory for egypt b/c land taken from israel/directly supporting palestine

  • egypt wouldn't be ostracized from other arab countries

    • Israel willing trade land for peace

  • this banks on Netanyahu (pm of israel) not being reelected.  Judging from the last election, it seems that the liberal, two state supporting, israeli politicians are gaining momentum.  

Phase 3:

  • Israel and Egypt have been balanced

  • decreased suspicion of America's intentions

  • Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are less relevant to the pro west opposition thanks to key social progress successes.  

  • we are now able to lessen the military aid while maintaining stability within Egypt

  • we can still maintain the non military aid and can be assured that this money will be spent effectively from the newly formed, popularly elected government.  


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.