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Quick reflection #1:


       My mentality that I feel has lead me to the greatest success is truly "I am going to do the best I (Salma yehia) can possibly do". NOT, I as a Muslim or I as a woman or I as an Egyptian will do the best I can as any Muslim Egyptian woman could do. I live beyond my inherited cultural definitions. Simply because when you think that people will stop you from your intended path thenthey will. The more you think about your oppression, the more oppressed you will be. Live beyond it. It all starts with the right mindset.

     Side note: not undermining the beauty of my background in the least. Simply not trying to let anyone else restrict the definition of myself to just that. I am grander than any artificial cultural boundary that society created.After all, we are all humans before anything else.

Correct me if I am wrong in my reflection but only I can define who I am. Actually, I don't need to define anything for anyone! I'm just me. Take it or leave it. Deal with it world.

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Quick Reflection #2:


 Live life in the present but remember to indulge in remembering those sweet cherished memories of the past, and persevere into the future with all your passion and will-power.The world needs you. And you need the world. 

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Reflection #3:


You don't need to be a leader to instigate change. You don't need to "win" anything and have a formal position in order to pursue your dreams. Sometimes, the purest forms of positive change comes the ground up. No political or alternative motives. Just a beautiful passion and drive to make the world a better place. I truly believe that. You may call me an optimist. Good. We need more optimists in this world.


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Reflection #4:


Everyone needs to have a personal mission statement. A sentence that you can always refer back to when you feel lost will keep you on track. This takes time to develop and may tweak as you grow and have more experiences. I think each person should have one to serve as a reminder of ones life pursuits. This is not something religious, nor political, nor oriented on the perceptions of others. This is something that you can always hold onto and no one can take it away from you. It can keep you motivated when you feel lost within the corruption and hopelessness you may face in this ever so complicated world.  


This year, I have found my mission statement. 


"I Salma Yehia vow to continuously pursue any tasks/work/interactions in my life with the utmost open-mindness, optimism, realism, MODERATION and dedication. I will ensure that the values of Truth, Community, and Empowerment are never undermined. Most importantly, I will shut up and listen to those around me. Absorb and base my decisions on the above as well as fact. Never assuming what is best for someone. " 


( the wording of this mission statement is still being worked out. The ideas behind it remain true and vibrant in my heart)

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Reflection #5:


The best way to be inspired and increase creativity

is through challenging your known concepts and ideologies to either

strengthen your beliefs or alter them.


( I learned that from my trip to the Montreal Student Movement Convention)


~Salma Yehia

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Reflection #6:


I've noticed that I haven't been listening to my own advice when it comes to taking advantage of the resources around me. I've been so focused on achieving my goals without anyone's help and trying to prove myself to those I love and everyone who didn't believe in my capabilities. I've been stubborn. This has led me to struggle mentally trying to figure out how do I achieve my goals--when I could further my mission much faster if I accepted resources from those around me. Ive been making things so hard on myself because I thought I had to be this way in order to better myself. But, if there are resources (monetary or service wise) that can further my personal mission right in front of me then why not use them! I had never wanted to accept these resources from those closest to me because 1. I was scared I would become dependant on them and therefore must follow the "guidelines" to accepting this resources  2. I don't want to look weak for asking. 


But, if that means I get where I want faster than why not. As long as my motives are pure. Too many others in the world don't have these sort of opportunities that I hold. So,  if I can utilize my given opportunities to succeed, I can then utilize my given opportunity to help open opportunities for others.  


Side-note: I have also noticed that sometimes you need to self-discover your own faults in order to truly be able to change yourself. People can say you are stubborn, but you brush them off. Then, one day a certain event or conversation can make you truly realize what needs to be change. You are the only person who can change yourself. Open your eyes and heart to the change and hold pure intentions. Those are the ways in which you can be most susceptible to positive change. 



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