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Short Term Reflection:Right after Announcement


        We lost. However, in the long run TrueBU won. We won respect from the student body. We won passion. We won dedication. We can't claim leadership within student government. But we can claim that we have SET the bar for the way a campaign should be run. I am so humbled and honored to have worked with more than 100 people to have made this possible. I want to thank every individual who contributed in anyway to this campaign. This is NOT the last of TrueBU. This is the start of a new adventure with new people and new perspectives. #Community#Empowerment #Vision #TrueBU 

Forever True,
Salma Yehia 


Long Term Reflection: A Month Later


         The ceremony at which the results were publicly announced was honestly a really sad moment. I asked myself, how could all this hard work and dedication not be recognized. The students voted wrong. These results are not fair. BUT, I realized two things. First, everything happens for a reason. I maybe wouldnt have enjoyed the limitations of my position and second, maybe this would be a chance to discover some other passions. Second, never give up because there is no such thing as a dead end. The TrueBU team came together two days after elections and re-strategized how we could make our dreams/goals/policies a reality. Stemming from this, the BU Student Think Tank was created (a new branch of student government) and Alexander and I are currently pursuing a grant system for students on campus that we had run on during the campaign.

   But, reflecting again on the adventures of TrueBU. Wow. what an amazing experience this was. I would not take it back for a second. It doesnt matter that we lost. We can always find other ways to execute our policies and goals. But, we truly gained a new friendship and bond that will forever be nicknamed the TrueBU homies ;)






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.