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From the end of November until the eve of campaign week in March, my team has been working tirelessly to create the most comprehensive policy, elegant website, intense fundraising efforts, rallying of BU students, and the campaign material needed to execute the best possible campaign we could run. The results are shown firstmost in our website/social media and second in my following small clips of updates:


Who is TrueBU?

"We are civil servants at Boston University seeking your support in redefining Student Government. You are our leaders; we are your voice."


The campaign week launch (March 24th):

Part 1: I am so proud to announce that I am running for VP of Finance for BU Student Government. Join my team and I in creating the most innovative Student Government our campus as ever seen! Visit our facebook page: www.facebook.com/truebostonu


Part 2: It's time to get things done. Check out our comprehensive policy for BU on our website. We also are proud to highlight TrueBU innovators that have made a difference in our university community.


March 25th:

Part 1: Check it out, Alexander Golob and I are quoted in the Daily Free Press representing TrueBU and our mission share! http://dailyfreepress.com/2014/03/25/two-slates-vying-for-seats-on-sg-executive-board/

 #TrueBU  #community #empowerment #vision


Part 2: I have never been so excited and so confident in my TrueBU team campaign as I am today. A great article in the Daily Free Press, An amazing video with Alexander Golob, 400+likes on our page, yard signs and pins all over campus, CONSTANT twitter and Instagram updates, an updated website every day, and SO many more surprises to come. I love you all and thanks for your hard work.  #keepitpositive #TrueBUcommunity #honest #hardworking


March 27th:

Part 1:TrueBU cares about EVERY student. Our passion means that we are passionate for all your needs - We dont leave ANYONE behind. That is the True BU community we need to be advocating for. Come join in solidarity with True BU for Boston University Student Government and like the page. You will not be disappointed.


Part 2:The support from the BU students keeps me and the rest of the team moving forward, even when things get a little too competitive.

Tyler, BU CGS student states:

"#TrueBU has definitely got my vote after tonight. Great Ideas, Experience, and Vision. — at the The Student Government Election Debate."


Part 3: WOW. Taking part of this debate was the most exhilarating, nerve-racking, and the most educational sort of experience. I think TrueBU definitely came prepared! (I will add the debate video later to a video section)


March 28th: Out at the GSU spreading the word about student government and reaching out to students one by one. Because we care.


March 30th: No one gets left behind. True BU motto.


Voting period starts!!


March 31st: BU Students, make the best choice and go vote for Alexander GolobCassandra ShavneySandra Soto, and myself on the STUDENT LINK right now! I think I can speak for the whole #TrueBU team when I say this has all been a humbling experience and we are more motivated than ever to earn your vote and make your voice heard!


March 31st: 

Part 1: I am truly grateful for the The Quad's endorsement of the TrueBU team! It is an honor to be recognized by such an amazing magazine and we hope to make them proud as well as the rest of the student body! Check out the link to the article here:



Part 2:This is it. The TrueBU debut of The QueenBey's Flawless. If you are on the fence, this should convince you to vote for us. Check it out. We are passionate and we got some moves. Share with everyone you know!#TrueBeyU #Flawless ( the video will be under the campaign video section of "The TrueBU Lifestyle"). 


Part 3: BU Today covered the elections for the first time in years and I made it to the front cover photo of the article! Check out the link to the article here: http://www.bu.edu/today/2014/bu-student-government-which-slate-willl-you-choose/


April 2nd: Thank you sincerely to The Daily Free Press for recognizing the efforts of TrueBU to rally students and create a more cohesive student government. Once again, we are honored that such a wonderful newspaper has endorsed True BU for Boston University Student Government. You can check out the link about their endorsment here:



April 5th:

Part 1: A beautiful poem about TrueBU from a beautiful inspiring person and supporter. Cate Shubat, you are amazing! Thank you for all your support throughout this campaign.


Part 2: My team members of TrueBU for student government executive board have been working hard for the past couple of weeks to prove to you through social media, outreach, interviews, endorsements, and postcards that we are HERE for you. We raised over $1,000 through the support of those who believed in us. The BU Quad, the Daily Free Press, college governments, and over 20 organizations on campus have rallied behind us in support. We have embodied community, empowerment, and vision through this whole journey. There are 2 days left to vote.

I hope you make the right choice that will lead BU into a positive future. Vote TrueBU. Vote for Alexander GolobCassandra ShavneySandra Soto, and myself into office!

Thank you for reading this! #buspirit #truebu




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