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  The Tale of How I Joined Forces with the Legend that is "TrueBU"


        In mid-November of junior year, I decided to run for BU Student Government President. I was so set on pushing my limits and stepping into my true potential as a leader. However, a couple of weeks after I started planning out how my campaign would need to be run, I met a sophomore who also had the ambition and drive to lead the student body into a better future. We sat in a booth at the George Sherman Union and engaged in a 3-hour lively debate of our visions for the future of BU. In the couple of weeks after, something clicked. If my intentions for running are truly pure, why should I be running against this enthusiastic sophomore (Alexander Golob) when we could combine our vision for BU into something more empowering and positive for the community. We were both running on similar ideas. It was time to humble myself and do what I thought was best in the long run --join forces with Alexander Golob, Sandra Soto, and Cassandra Shaveney to become the super slate that is now ( and forever) TrueBU! I decided to run with them for executive board as Vice President of Finance with Alexander running for President. 

      Our first meeting was held at a small cafe at Copley Square. We sat for hours on end trying to decide the name of our slate--which would eventually be our new nickname for ourselves long after election season. I was insistent on "Bound 2 BU" as its pop culture reference to Kanye's recent song would engage the college folk. Yet, Alexander was not sold. Eventually, the name TrueBU surfaced and we reluctantly accepted the name as we needed to start working on actual policy. Ever since then, we grew to like it more and more. Once our amazing communications director created a logo, the TrueBU "enterprise" took off! 

   We were on fire. We engaged the community. We branded ourselves. We created a buzz. Never had BU's press and media taken such a big interest in BU Student Government elections as they have this year--TrueBU revolutionized the way students looked at student government elections. I've never looked back. Never wished I had ran alone. It is only by collaboration and team effort that you can create real change and mobilize a community. It may start small but then you cant forget EVERY individual that helped make it bigger and bigger. Shout out to Susannah Keys (campaign manager), Yasmin Gentry (communication director), and Maria Hardiman(Research and Policy Director) for directing efforts and continuing to grow the TrueBU team into the hundreds of people that it eventually became. 

    Until now, you will hear the name of "TrueBU" echo through the halls of every college at BU--and you will probably see a couple of our 10,000 postcards laying around too! So many still believe in TrueBU even after election season. The reason for this being is because TrueBU didn't focus on the "what" we want. We focused on "why" we wanted it ( to empower each BU student. To let them know they are the leaders, etc).  And that's why people followed us. That's why people still believe in us. Because our goals transcended one small student election. We planted the seeds of passion and urgency into the student population. 


May the legacy of TrueBU live on forever in the hearts and minds of BU students. 


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