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First Impressions:


The first couple of days have been a breath of fresh air. It is so important to have a positive healthy working environment in order to work with the most efficiency and creativity. Although the space is physically small, the amount of technology, creative capacity, and great minds that it encompasses is overwhelmingly exciting! 


I was automatically assigned tasks and quickly filled in on Nadeem's goals and the way the whole structure works. I've learned already that this new Cambridge City Councilor is a man of many trades--- tech geek, eloquent speaker (he even gave a TED talk!), avid bike rider, photographer, and adamant on actually fulfilling his promises to the people of Cambridge. I am definitely going to be learning a lot from this awesome boss and team!


Already I have been assigned to a project, created a logo using Illustrator (which I had no idea how to use till today), learned how to use photo shop and offload videos, sent official emails on behalf of a legislative aid, translated an email for Nadeem's personal assistant from English to Arabic, and canvassed/spoke to the Cambridge locals about their concerns. Phewwwww, so much. The funny thing is that the work day (9-6pm) goes by so quickly! 


The best part is, Nadeem and the team actually TRUST me to get things done. Therefore, I can be independent of my tasks and not be micromanaged. I love the fact that every day I go into the office not knowing what feat I will have to conquer for the day. But this loose structure is perfect for fostering more innovation.


Dont get me wrong, the Cambridge City Councilor is beyond organized and makes sure everything is perfect to the t! I believe that everything is great in moderation/balance. And he can definitely balance between micromanaging and being too laid back/unorganized.




The experience this summer working for Cambridge City Councilor Nadeem Mazen has been one which I would not take back. The experience and the networking opportunities created through this have made me forget that it is unpaid!


Not only has Nadeem tried so hard to incorporate us effectively into the office's system, but he understands that their are flaws in his system and tries to fix them quickly as they arise so that the interns may get the best possible experience. 


This is one of the best internships I have had! He let us become managers of the office and would consistently give us advice on how to succeed. At the end of the internship he even gave us advice individually on how we can move forward in our interested fields. 


There needs to be more Nadeem's in the world!







DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.