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What is Networking?

Adapted from Job Hunting Strategies Guide

“Networking” is an essential part of your job search.  Simply put networking means connecting with people and organizations who can offer you advice and experience related to the career you want to pursue.  Keep this in mind: You never know who may be able to help you find a job. You must publicize yourself, and the first step in networking is contact.

Where do I start?

The following is a general (although not exhaustive) list of people to contact, to get out the word that you are looking for advice to help you break into the field, find a job/internship, or simply learn more about the field as a possible career choice:


  • Friends and relatives (your friends, your parents' friends, friends of friends, etc.)
  • Former and current employers
  • SHA And BU Faculty & Staff
  • SHA and BU Alumni
  • Fellow classmates
  • Community contacts (Chamber of Commerce, local industry associations, etc.)
  • People mentioned in newspapers and magazines related to your field of interest
  • People working in your field of interest
  • National, Regional, State and local hospitality organizations with whom you are affiliated (NSMH, HFTP, HSMAI, CMAA, MPI, ISES, PCMA, NACE, AHLA, MLA, etc.)
  • Anyone you meet!

NOTE:  SHA faculty members have all worked and are well connected in the hospitality industry which positions them very well to help guide you as you discover what interests you and begin your career. They know what it takes to get a job.


How do I Network?

  • join professional associations and attend meeting and events organized by the organizations
  • attend industry events, panels, conferences, meetings, guest lectures  and speak to people who work in the field in which you are interested
  • meet with your faculty who specialize in the area which you want to pursue
  • join and become active on LinkedIn by joining groups and participating in online discussions
  • attend on campus recruitment company presentations, career fairs, industry specific events, mock interviews and any other career services events
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.