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Professional Hospitality Associations


Professional associations are an important aspect of networking as they provide you with direct access to the knowledge as well as the people who are involved in leading the industry, therefore, it is recommended that you join at least one professional association within your desired field as soon as you enter your freshman year.


Many of these associations have student chapters, some here at SHA, and others offer deep discount on student memberships.  Below is a list of the most common associations by field within hospitality.  You are strongly encouraged to join at least one or two and get involved, this is probably the best networking to help you obtain internships and jobs as well as advance your future career.


General Networking

NSMH-National Association of Minorities in Hospitality, http://www.nsmh.org/



HSMAI-Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International, http://www.hsmai.org/

AMA-American Marketing Association, http://www.marketingpower.com/Pages/default.aspx


Revenue/Asset Management

HAMA – Hospitality Asset Managers Association, http://www.hamagroup.org/

IFA – International Franchise Association, http://www.franchise.org/



HFTP-Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals, http://www.hftp.org/

Information Systems/Technology

HFTP-Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals, http://www.hftp.org/

Food & Beverage

NACE-National Association of Catering Executives, http://www.nace.net/

National Restaurant Association-http://www.restaurant.org/ 

MRA-Massachusetts Restaurant Association, http://www.massrestaurantassoc.org/

WFF-Women's Foodservice Forum, http://www.womensfoodserviceforum.com/

FSCI-Food Service Consultants International, http://www.fcsi.org/

NAFEM-North American Food Service Equipment Manufacturers, http://www.nafem.org/


Hotel & Resort Operations

AHLA-American Hotel & Lodging Association, http://www.ahla.com/

MLA-Mass Lodging Association, http://www.masslodging.com/


Meeting & Event Planning

MPI-Meeting Planners International, http://www.mpiweb.org/Home
ISES-International Special Events Society, http://www.ises.com/

PCMA-Professional Convention Management Association, http://www2.pcma.org/

NACE-National Association of Catering Executives, http://www.nace.net/


Club Management

CMAA-Club Managers Association of America, http://www.cmaa.org/

Facility Management

IFMA-International Facility Management Association, http://www.ifma.org/


TIP:  Many of these organizations have student chapters at SHA

and many of those who don't offer a heavily discounted student membership.


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