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Shakespeare, William. Titus Andronicus / by William Shakespeare. New York: The Folger Shakespeare Library, 2005.

Summary: A play about the rise and fall of Roman rulers and their close friends and family during a fictional period of time. Titus Androncius, a Roman general and war hero, is the main character. Saturninus is chosen as Emperor. A sequence of events leads these two and other related characters in a clash that leaves most of these characters dead.


Use-value: Titus Andronicus is an exhibit source. It will be used to pursue this line of questioning: Was the character Saturninus ever fit to rule?




Value of included assignments:

Presentation notes - This has helped me understand the plot events in Act III. It forced me to develop close reading skills to formulate thoughtful questions. It also taught me how to more clearly articulate my ideas.


Journals 4-6 - These journals focus on specific scenes in Titus Andronicus. I have placed them under this source heading to perhaps use them in my final paper.


Exhibit Summary - I have learned how to identity allusions and figurative language after doing this assignment.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.