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Hello and welcome to my portfolio for WR150: Reading Disaster.


This was a writing course I took in the fall semester of my sophomore year. Throughout the semester, we discussed three major topics with a variety of supplements. The first topic is a thorough analysis of Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, a science fiction novel that sets its background at the Dresden bombing during the Second World War. The second topic is an introduction to monuments versus memorials, in which we talked about the Vietnam Veteran Memorial designed by Maya Lin and the 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial plan. The last topic is Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster that evolved into an unnatural disaster because of ineffective and inhumane rescue processes. In each section of my portfolio I would start by introducing how these materials had helped my writing, then provide an insight to my working process, and in the end I would present the final draft of my paper.


The class experience was very rewarding, exceeding my expectation. At first, I was nervous to take this research based writing class, but I managed to take on the challenges and surprisingly, found myself enjoying not only the intriguing topics in class but also the researching process. I hope you will enjoy reading my portfolio and maybe learn some interesting facts about war photography, which I studied for my second and final papers.


I entitled three sections as the first, the second, and the third shot not only to represent my attempt to write a better essay but also to act as a metaphor for taking photos. I’d like to think the progress I made in this class was analogous to the process of taking photos, developing films, and finally publishing my works.


Thanks for visiting,

Winnie Hsieh

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.