DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Grading and Evaluation


Your final grade will be calculated as follows:


Exercises and Journals:                                     5%

Drafts (credit for completed submission):        5%

Participation (including Presentation):              5%

Paper 1:                                                           15%

Paper 2:                                                           25%

Paper 3:                                                           30%

Final Portfolio:                                               15%


Your final grade may also be adjusted to reflect your attendance as described below.


Late and Missed Assignments: Unless you make other arrangements with me in advance, graded assignments will be penalized by one-third of a letter grade for each class day they are late. If you submit a homework exercise or draft late, I cannot promise to read it in time for my comments to be useful to you. If you do not turn in drafts, you are still responsible for turning in final versions of your papers when they are due. Please note too that we will regularly work with our exercises and drafts in class. If you are habitually late with your assignments, you will be unable to participate fully in the class.


Participation and Attendance: Since this course is a seminar, your regular attendance and participation are essential both to your own learning and to your classmates’ learning. You may miss four classes without penalty. I ordinarily do not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences, so please save your absences for when you need them. If you exceed the number of allowed absences, your course grade may be lowered as follows:


Number of absences                            Final grade penalty

            5                                              1/3 of a letter

            6                                              2/3 of a letter

            7                                              full letter

            8                                              1 1/3 letters

            9                                              1 2/3 letters

            10                                            F


If you have a special obligation that will require you to miss several classes (e.g., varsity athletics, religious observances), please talk with me at the beginning of the semester. Missed conference appointments will be counted as absences.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.