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What is the Portfolio Project?
For this and all other sections of WR100, we will be constructing a comprehensive and cohesive portfolio over the course of the semester. All your assignments – formal and informal – will be geared toward the final product of the course: a portfolio and three formal papers.


The Portfolio draft will be "checked-in" (Dec. 1) before it is due at the end of the semester (Dec. 12).

The Portfolio you will construct will come together throughout the course of the semester as you acquire interpretive and organizational skills. The goal of the course is to give you the tools to adequately research and describe your chosen subject, and to formulate a distinct argument or thesis about the material.

At the end of the semester, you will be asked to submit a portfolio containing your self-assessment, major papers (drafts and final versions), a prospectus, an annotated bibliography, other supporting artifacts, and an introductory essay. The portfolio provides you with an opportunity to document and reflect on your development as a reader and writer over the course of the semester. Your portfolio will contain work that has already been graded. This work will not be re-graded in the portfolio. Rather, your grade for the portfolio will be based on those things that make the portfolio itself a coherent work: the introduction, any additional framing (annotations, captions, etc.), the selection and arrangement of artifacts, and overall organization.

Each student will have his/her own available portfolio through Digication. You must use this software to construct an online portfolio for class (we will talk about how to use the software throughout the semester, but if you can use LiveJournal, Facebook, MySpace, etc., you can probably use this).


Visit the Resources Page to see student portfolios from previous semesters.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.