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Final Portfolio

Draft: Due Mon., Dec. 7

Final: Due Fri., Dec. 11


- To demonstrate the student’s understanding of the draft and revision process

- To show the student’s progress in writing and argumentation over the course of the semester thus far.

- To help the student to recognize their strengths and weaknesses as a writer and to help the student identify problem areas in methodology and argumentation.



The interim portfolio must contain:

- an Introduction of approximately 750-1000 words

- the Introduction from the Interim Portfolio

- the “Polished” version of the Short Paper

- a “Polished” version of either the First or Second Paper

- a brief Annotated Bibliography

- a “Polished” version of the Third Paper

- copies of all informal writing assignments relevant to the production of the three papers

- copies of any notes, comments (peer or instructor), materials, or other information relevant to the production of the three papers


Additionally, you will be required to provide comments on one of your peers’ Final Portfolios.



Your introduction should provide an argument about your writing process that covers the entire semester. Why have you included the materials in your Interim Portfolio? What was most difficult about the process? What came “easily” to you? What have you learned about writing? What have you learned about argumentation? What have you learned about critical and interpretive reading? What have you improved since the beginning of the semester? What have you improved since the Interim Portfolio? What do you wish you had done that you did not do, and why? What goals did you accomplish for WR100? What are your goals for WR150?



The Final Portfolio is worth 55% of your final grade. You will be graded on completeness, organization, the quality of your “Polished” papers, the effectiveness of your Introduction’s argument, and your use of evidence in your Introduction.


File for download.


All of your materials should be compiled in your Online Portfolio. You may copy and paste text and/or link to uploaded files. You may choose to copy and paste "polished" versions and link to drafts, upload files for all versions ("polished" or not), or copy and paste both drafts and "polished" papers.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.