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October Archive



- Draft of Second Long Paper due for instructor comments (email/post online)

- Discussed Act III of Sweeney Todd


- Discussed Act II of Sweeney Todd

- Questions about papers



- Journal Entry 7 due

- Discussed Act I of Sweeney Todd

- Presentation: Leanne



- Read pp. 203-211, 232-248 from Craft of Research

- Worked on drafts and comments in class



- Rough Draft of Second Long Paper due for Peer Review (email topics to K. Bezio by noon)

- Peer Review: Worksheet (in class)



- 6th Journal Entry due

- Articles on Cannibalism & Taboo (in Lindenbaum, skip sections "Cannibalism & Anthropological Theory," "From Pagan to Primitive," & "The End of Exoticism," pp.  480-485, 487-491)



- Discussed Taymore's Titus

- Talked about Second Long Paper



- Continued Peer Review on Second Draft of First Paper

- Discussed sections A & B from Arden introduction to Titus Andronicus:

A: pp. 1-37

B: pp. 37-69

C: pp. 69-95

D: pp. 95-121



Tuesday - Monday Schedule

- Draft for First Long Paper due for Peer Review: no name, print off introduction separately from body of essay (two "papers").

- Read pp. 139-150 in Craft of Research

- Peer Review Workshop: Worksheets (to be turned in with Interim Portfolio)



- Discussed Act V of Titus Andronicus

- Presentation: Sebastian

- Questions about your papers



- Discussed Act IV of Titus Andronicus

- Presentation: Saiya



- 5th Journal Entry due: on Act III of Titus Andronicus

- Discussed Act III of Titus Andronicus


- Discussed Act II of Titus Andronicus

- Draft of first Long Paper due (email or Digication)

- Presentation: Fisher

- New articles up under Readings on gender, Richard III, and the Loncraine film


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.