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Andy Wun

Professor Gruenglas

WR150 Q2

January 23, 2019


            After completing a semester of a college writing course, I feel as though my skills as a writer has vastly improved. Throughout my years of writing I was never challenged to really improve and edit my work as much as I was in WR120. What I thought was the process of revision and editing in high school is nowhere near what I now think of when I revise my work. I feel that the last semester of WR120 really put an emphasis on this process in order to show us how improving our work takes more than just fixing punctuation or rearranging a sentence. Additionally, I also feel that that my experience last semester with peer editing was very beneficial because it allowed me to see and appreciate how someone else’s understanding of your work could be totally different than yours and provide you with suggestions of improvement that you most likely would have not thought of on your own. In one instance, a classmate pointed out some crucial evidence from the text Moneyball that I did not originally include in my writing but turned out to greatly strengthen my argument and the essay as a whole. These new experiences that the course brought, allowed me to end the semester feeling much more confident in my capabilities in writing. I genuinely feel that I am skilled in the way I sequence and flow my writing while also being able to understand the rhetorical situation of a reading. Furthermore, I also feel as though I have a good grasp on being able to display my writing in other formats besides a conventual essay, such as a webpage. However, one of the things that I feel I may need to focus on this semester is connecting the evidence I incorporate into my writing with the actual ideas or arguments that I am writing about. Hopefully, in mastering this skill, I can be one step closer to my aspiration of becoming an influential writer capable of making my readers fully understand my ideas and have little to no doubt about the purpose of what I write about and why I write what I write.

            Entering this new course, I am eager to see what it has in store for me. Like most people, the topic for the course is what influenced my decisions in taking it. I didn’t take it because I thought it would be easy or because I thought my professor would be “chill” (even though he seems to be). I took it because I was genuinely interested in how one would intertwine ethics with comics. Furthermore, by taking this class, I hoped that I would learn to become more conscious of the ethical choices I myself make in day to day life and also begin to understand the ethical choices people around me also make. With this in mind I feel that a goal of mine in this course is to be able consider and evaluate a character’s decisions and actions based on ethics in order to question if that character is truly a protagonist or antagonist. Additionally, I also hope to learn how to display my writing another format such as a storyboard, engage more in class discussions, and be able to connect my evidence with my ideas in my writing. Achieving all of this would allow me to expand my creativity and expertise as a writer as I continue my education at BU and continue to write not just assigned essays but also in things such as lab reports and presentations. More importantly, however, becoming a better writer would elevate my capabilities in certain scenarios such as future internships, jobs, or interviews. I have no doubt in my mind that this course will not only challenge me in my writing abilities but also provide the perfect path for reaching my goals and aspirations as

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.