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Assignment Schedule

Weds., Jan. 13

Welcome to WR150 & Introduction to Portfolios – In-Class Writing

History of the English Kings through Henry VII

Fri., Jan. 15

History of the English Kings from Henry VIII through James I

Due: Read Basilikon Doron, The True Law of Free Monarchies, & A Speech…at Whitehall (in Macbeth, pp. 211-219)

Mon., Jan. 18 – No Classes

Weds., Jan. 20

Due: 1st Journal Entry

Read News from Scotland, Daemonologie, Discoverie of Witchcraft & A Discourse of the Damned Art (in Macbeth, pp. 307-310, 313-327, 337, 352 & 338-340)

Fri., Jan. 22

Choosing topics

Using F.E.A.T & Writing Annotated Bibliographies

Due: Read Excerpts from Faith & Treason

Mon., Jan. 25

What is research? – Library Day: Meet in Mugar 503

Due: 2nd Journal Entry

Bring 3-5 Research Questions on your paper’s topic to class.

Read Buchanan’s History of Scotland (in Macbeth, pp. 128-134), pp. 1-15 in Craft of Research

Weds., Jan. 27

Workshop Interim Portfolio In Class: How to use Digication (bring materials) 

Due: Paper 1 Draft due (on Digication)

Fri., Jan. 29

Shakespeare’s Theater

Due: Read Act I of Macbeth

Mon., Feb. 1

Due: 3rd Journal Entry & Annotated Bibliography Entry

Read Act II of Macbeth

Presentation: Emily


Weds., Feb. 3

Due: Read Act III of Macbeth

Presentation: Angela

Fri., Feb. 5

Peer Workshop on Paper 1

Due: Hard copy draft of Paper 1

Mon., Feb. 8

Due: 4th Journal Entry & Annotated Bibliography Entry

Read Act IV of Macbeth

Presentation: Krystyna


Weds., Feb. 10

Due: First Portfolio Check-In Due

Read Act V of Macbeth

Presentation: Julie

Fri., Feb. 12

How to use film sources

Due: Watch V for Vendetta

Presentation: Derrick

Tues., Feb. 16 – Monday Schedule

Drama, visual art, and graphic representation

Due: 5th Journal Entry

Draft of Paper 2 (on Digication)

Read pp. 1-45 of Graphic Novel Macbeth

Weds., Feb. 17

How to use a graphic novel as an exhibit

Due: Read pp. 46-93 of Graphic Novel Macbeth

Presentation: Anna

Fri., Feb. 19

Due: Finish Graphic Novel Macbeth

Presentation: Sophie

Mon., Feb. 22

Peer Review Workshop: Choosing & Engaging Sources

Due: Paper 2 Draft (Hard copy)

Read pp. 68-101 from Craft of Research

Weds., Feb. 24

Due: Watch Scotland, PA

Fri., Feb. 26

Due: Read Act I of The Tempest

Presentation: Alex

Mon., Mar. 1

Due: 6th Journal Entry & Annotated Bibliography Entry

Read Act II of The Tempest

Presentation: Jennifer

Weds., Mar. 3

Due: Read Act III and IV of The Tempest

Presentation: Abby


Fri., Mar. 5

Due: Second Portfolio Check-In

Read Act V of The Tempest

Presentation: Maggie

Mon., Mar. 15

What are we doing to Shakespeare?

Due: 7th Journal Entry & Annotated Bibliography Entry

Read Chapters 1-8 of Prospero’s Daughter


Weds., Mar. 17

Due: Read Ch. 9-11 of Prospero’s Daughter

Presentation: Saiya

Fri., Mar. 19

Peer workshop on Portfolios & Prospectus (bring materials to class) 

Due: Read pp. 177-186 in Craft of Research


Mon., Mar. 22

Issues of Race in the “West”

Due: 8th Journal Entry & Annotated Bibliography Entry

Read Ch. 12-14 of Prospero’s Daughter

Presentation: Haley

Weds., Mar. 24

Due: Read Ch. 15-17 of Prospero’s Daughter

Presentation: Suzanne


Fri., Mar. 26

Due: Prospectus Due (on Digication)

Read Ch. 18-20 of Prospero’s Daughter

Mon., Mar. 29

Issues of Gender, Sexuality, and Power

Due: 9th Journal Entry & Annotated Bibliography Entry

Read Ch. 21-23 of Prospero’s Daughter

Presentation: Leanne

Weds., Mar. 31

Due: Finish Prospero’s Daughter


Fri., Apr. 2

Due: Read Introduction to Nietzsche

Presentation: Megan


Mon., Apr. 5 – Last Day to Drop with a W

Nature vs. Nurture: What did Shakespeare think? How has this idea changed?

Due: Read readings on evolution

Paper 3 Draft (on Digication)

Weds., Apr. 7

Ethics and Science

Due: Read readings on genetics/eugenics

Presentation: Eli

Fri., Apr. 9

Modern “magic”

Due: Read readings on science vs. religion 

Mon., Apr. 12

The Distopian Idea

Due: Final (10th) Journal Entry & Annotated Bibliography Entry

Read about “dystopia”

Presentation: Yannai

Weds., Apr. 14

Distopia/Utopia in modern media: Video Games & Film

Read Bioshock article

Fri., Apr. 16

Class-chosen topic

Due: Class-chosen reading 


Weds., Apr. 21

Peer workshop on Paper 3: Style

Due: Draft of Paper 3 (Hard Copy)

Read pp. 249-269 in Craft of Research


Thurs., Apr. 22

Workshop Final Portfolio (bring materials)


Fri., Apr. 23

Workshop Final Portfolio (bring materials)

Mon., Apr. 26

Workshop Final Portfolio (bring materials)

Weds., Apr. 28

Course Evaluations

Due: Final Portfolio & Polished Version of Paper 3

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.