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February Class Blog


- Discussed Act I of The Tempest

- Presentation: Maggie



- Discussed Scotland, PA and talked about "what we're doing to Shakespeare" by revising plays and putting them in contemporary settings

- We now have a Class RefWorks List!



- Peer Review Workshop: Worksheet 2

- Bring laptop or hard copy of Paper 2 for Peer Review

- Read pp. 60-101 from Craft of Research


- Finish Graphic Novel Macbeth

- Presentation: Sophie



- Read pp. 46-93 of Graphic Novel Macbeth

- Presentation: Anna


02.16.2010 - Monday Schedule

- Visual art and analysis of Graphic Novels as a genre

- Draft of Paper 2 due on Digication

- 5th Journal Entry due

- Read pp. 1-45 of Graphic Novel Macbeth


- Watch V for Vendetta

- Presentation: Derrick



- First Portfolio Check-In due on Digication (your portfolio page)

- Discussed Act V of Macbeth

- Presentation: Julie



- Fourth Journal Entry due on Digication

- Discussed Act IV of Macbeth

- Presentation: Krystyna



- Peer review workshop on Paper One in class: worksheet (to be turned in with Portfolio Check-In)



- Discussed Act III of Macbeth

- Talked about Meter and "magic" in the witches' scenes

- Talked about Hecate as being "non-Shakespearean" (from Thomas Middleton's The Witch)

- Presentation: Angela (Banquo's ghost; Macbeth's madness; gender issues; continuing themes of unnaturalness)



- Third Journal Entry due on Digication

- Annotated Bibliography entry due on Digication

- Discussed Acts I & II of Macbeth

- Presentation: Emily (the "air-drawn dagger"; symbolism; knocking; humor after Duncan's death)

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.