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Source-checks will be done throughout the semester.
Full Annotated Bibliography should be turned in with your final Portfolio

As a part of your Portfolio, you will be working on an Annotated Bibliography throughout the semester. The point of this Bibliography is to accumulate useful sources for your final Research Project; all your sources should be chosen with your research topic in mind. They may be any of the four F.E.A.T. sources, though you should represent each of the four categories.

Your Annotated Bibliography may be organized however you deem most appropriate with regards to your project; you may choose to organize by type of source, by subject material, by date, or by another method. In your final version (turned in as a part of your portfolio at the end of the course), you should indicate why you have chosen to organize it in this fashion.

Each entry should contain a correctly formatted citation of a source in MLA, APA, or Chicago style (whichever is most appropriate to your topic). You are encouraged to use RefWorks in order to do this. Following the citation, your entry should contain one brief paragraph describing the source (what is it about) and one paragraph explaining its use to your project. Each entry should be 100-200 words (approximately half a page, double-spaced).

Your Annotated Bibliography will be a page (or more) in your final Portfolio, but individual entries should be submitted to the course Annotated Bibliography page by the appropriate check-in date.

For each check-in, your Bibliography should have a minimum of three additional entries; some projects will have more. You are encouraged, but not required, to submit all entries prior to the final Portfolio due date.


Check-in Dates

Mon., Feb. 23 (one entry)
Fri., Mar. 6 (+ two new entries = three entries)
Fri., Mar. 20 (+ two new entries = five entries)

Fri., Apr. 3 (+ two new entries = seven entries)
Fri., Apr. 17 (+ two new entries = nine entries)
Final check will be a part of your Portfolio assessment (due Weds., Apr. 29)


Submit check-in sources here.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.