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Sample Topic Choices


First Example:

1. Early modern England

2. Pride and Prejudice

3. Theater

4. Greek mythology

5. Titus Andronicus


Obviously, there are things here that don’t go together – Pride and Prejudice doesn’t fit in with the other things. However, one could easily put the other four topics together to form a project. They would research Greco-Roman mythology and see how it appears in Titus Andronicus, perhaps suggesting how Shakespeare uses mythology to comment on current social or political issues in early modern England. Perhaps they would consider including other Roman plays – Julius Caesar, Coriolanus, or Antony & Cleopatra.


Second Example:

1. The Cold War

2. Stephen King

3. Horror

4. Russia

5. Maybe Richard III?


Surprisingly, this person has just as many options as the first. However, I can look at this list and guess that this person would be interested in a book we haven’t read yet – The Master & Margarita. I might suggest that they hold off until we get to that novel, but that they start doing historical research or research into the horror genre.


Third Example:

1. Medieval Europe

2. Don’t know.

3. Film. Or video games.

4. Fantasy

5. Don’t know.


This person is a bit more indecisive. The three things that are on the list don’t seem, at first, to connect to one another. However, they certainly can. For instance, most fantasy films and video games are set in an approximate medieval time period. One might research why this is, or what this particular choice does to the theme or ideas presented in the film. I might suggest that this person look at The Lord of the Rings films, do some research into J.R.R. Tolkien’s life, or relate The Lord of the Rings to other ideas present in Medieval Europe. They might even be able to use The Lord of the Rings to make an argument about contemporary society.

Alternately, they might look at the argument of a video game – believe it or not, video games do make a statement on their society, in the same way that books and films do. Video games with campaigns and plots are just as much a “story” as a novel, play, or film. First-person video games generally have more of a plot and argument than real-time-strategy games, but RTS games with a campaign will also have this.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.