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- Discussed Julie Taymore's Titus (screening in CAS 537C on Thursday, 2.26, at 5pm)

- Turned in first version of your Research Proposal

- Presentation: Lauren



- Talked about "Exerpt B" of Ravenscroft's Titus Andronicus

- Presentation: Mac

- Discussed format for first Research Proposal due next class



- Talked about "Excerpt A" of Ravenscroft's Titus Andronicus, found under Readings

- First check-in of the Annotated Bibliography (one source)

- Turned in Journal Entry 6



- Talked about Act V of Titus Andronicus

- Presentation: Tatiana



- Talked about Act IV of Titus Andronicus

- Presentation: Katie


2.17.2009 - Tuesday (Monday Schedule)

- Talked about Act III of Titus Andronicus

     - See images of Titus Andronicus

- Turned in Journal Entry

- Turned in Source Worksheet (Assignments tab)

- Presentation: Tanvir

- Handed out the assignment for the Reseach Proposal

- Handed out the assignment for the Annotated Bibliography



- Talked about Act II of Titus Andronicus

- Lecture on Shakespearean Special Effects

- Talked about how to choose topics for research projects (see The Portfolio tab)

- Turned in Exhibit Summaries (see Assignments tab)



- Talked about Act I of Titus Andronicus


- LIBRARY DAY! Met in 503 Mugar.



- Talked about Richard Loncraine's Richard III (starring Ian McKellen)



- Talked about Act V of Richard III

- Talked about the history of the kings and about Henry VI - why Shakespeare does what he does

- Turned in Argument Summary

- Handed out Exhibit Summary assignment (see Assignments tab)

- Talked about staging and performance



- Talked about Act IV of Richard III

- Turned in Journal Entry on Act IV

- Presentation: Kyle

- Talked about Digication: those who are having trouble or do not wish to use the online submission system may choose to turn in assignments on paper or via email. Those who wish to keep using the Digication system may do so.

- Talked about constructing a Learning Portfolio (see The Portfolio tab)


January's Classes


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.