DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

A Semester in Review...

The products of this semester's work were varied and interesting. Many students chose topics unrelated to the course materials, others chose topics tangentially related to the course, and others chose topics immediately discussed in or relevant to class.


Despite problems with the digication software (some online portfolios may appear incomplete, but were partially turned in either via email or in hard copy due to uploading issues), the course experience of portfolio building was generally positive - and was a learning experience for both class and instructor.


To see the fruits of our labor, look below.


Links to our online portfolios:

"Metal Gear Solid and Shakespearean Archetypes" - Katherine Hendley

"Dr. Faustus and Faust" - Alexander Kemp

"American Counterculture in the 1950's-1970's" - Vassily Glazyrine

Sexuality in Western History - Julia Karsten

Depictions of Richard III - Lauren Mairella

"The Evolution of Fencing" - Sang Nam

"Some Men Just Like to Watch the World Burn" - Macklin Wrixon

"Dissociative Identity Disorder in Hollywood" - Holly Barber

"Roman Rule, Nobility, and War" - Tanvir Halim

"The Evolution of the Joker" - Zachary Rahaim

Hamlet through the Ages - Kyle Barrett


Portfolio topics not compiled online:

Gender Stereotypes in Film - Samantha Flick

Shakespeare and Issues of Monarchy - Tatiana Alafouzo-D'ambola

Futuristic Societies - Michael Shaughnessey

The Scourge of God in The Master and Margarita - Andrew McDonough

"An Exploration of the Mind and its Effects on Language" - Stephanie Mirsky

Magic and The Tempest - Maria Boustany

Freudian Influence on American Society - Paul Hlatky

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.