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Due with the Portfolio by noon on April 30

The Formal Research Paper (2400-3600 words – equivalent to 8-12 double-spaced pages) should be a reflection of your research throughout the semester. It should be a thesis- or question-driven, well-organized paper that uses evidence to support your claims.



- To demonstrate your aptitude for reading, writing, interpreting, and researching a single, coherent argument or question.



You must use at least 10 sources, with at least one from each F.E.A.T. category. Your paper should be focused on the interpretation or analysis of at least one Exhibit source, in addition to your supplementary sources.


Your paper should demonstrate a clear and logical organization based around your central question or thesis. It should show a clear understanding of the material being presented and should showcase your skills as a researcher and writer. Use correct grammar and an appropriate style.


You should provide adequate evidence for your thesis and related points, proper citations, and a bibliography in proper form (MLA, Chicago, APA). If necessary, you should provide images along with your paper.



Submit your paper here.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.