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What do I do with my Portfolio?

Short answer: "whatever you want."


Here are some ideas:

- have a research blog where you talk about individual experiences, frustrations, or successes in doing your research or coming up with an idea

- have a gallery of images that relate to your topic

- have a video gallery of scenes from a play or film

- have different pages for different topics that relate to your project

- have differnt pages for different stages of research

- design a "guide" to researching your topic

- design a webpage or binder that is a comprehensive source for your topic

- create a how-to manual

- expand upon the basic ideas that are the foundation for your Research Project as an addendum to it (your Project is a thesis that combines the things that appear in your Portfolio)

- show charts or statistics

- include sketches of a scene or staging of a performance (yours or a published one)

- gear your portfolio around YOUR design for a show (your Project would be an analysis of that play or work)


You obviously can't do all of these (some are contradictory!), but they are all options for your portfolio. Your topic will dictate which of these will be useful - and relevant - so choose what you do based on your project and your learning style.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.