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Due 27 March



- to provide a beginning method of organization for your final Portfolio

- to identify problem areas in your writing, research, argumentation, and organization so that we can troubleshoot them before the final version



Compile – either online or in hard copy – the portfolio artifacts you have accumulated thus far.

- Journal entries

- Summaries

- Research Proposal

- Annotated Bibliography entries

- notes

- any images or film clips

- outlines that you have made

- my comments on marked assignments


- Begin to organize the materials. How you organize them is up to you, but your system should make sense (chronologically, topically, categorically, etc.). Your organization should not be “Order in which I handed them in” or “Order in which I found them on my floor.” Include a table of contents so that I can find things easily (for a web Portfolio, this might be a page that explains what is under each tab).


For each organized section, include a brief (no more than 100 words) explanation of that section. In a paper portoflio, this might be a "cover letter" for each section. In a web Portfolio, you might include this on the "main" page of each section or under your table of contents.


- Write a 300-600 word (equivalent of 2-3 pages, double-spaced) informal reflection on the process of making your Portfolio thus far. How do you think you will organize it? What are the challenges it presents? Is your topic too big or too small? What have you learned thus far about your methodology? What are your strengths and weaknesses as an interpreter, a researcher, and a writer? Use your portfolio artifacts as evidence to show your process.


- In addition, if you may also include a 100-200 word commentary on the Portfolio project itself. Is there something about the process that you don’t understand or with which you are struggling? What would you like me to comment on in particular? What do you like or dislike about the project? What can I do to improve the project or make it go more smoothly?



1. Organize materials under a table of contents.

2. Give each section a short (<100 words) explanation.

3. Write a reflective introduction that describes and evaluates your process as an interpreter, researcher, and writer (300-600 words).

4. If you wish, comment on the project and your ideas for it (100-200 words).



Your Mid-semester check-in is not graded by itself, but will be included in your overall portfolio grade. Your check-in will help you to understand how your final portfolio will be graded, and my comments should help to steer you in positive directions.


Email your proposal, put it up on your Digication Portfolio page, or turn in here.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.