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Screening of Scotland, PA at 5.30pm on the 5th floor of CAS (Geddes front desk will have the room number).


3.23.2009, 3.25.2009 & 3.27.2009

Classes will be held in the Student Theater at Agganis Arena. Go down the alley between Agganis and FitRec, the entrance is on your left past the parking entrance (halfway down). The nearest T-stop is St. Paul on the B line.



Screening of Julie Taymore's Titus in CAS 537C from 5-8pm



Library Day: meet in room 503 in Mugar.



Screening of Richard Loncraine's Richard III in CAS 537C from 5-7pm

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.




Readings listed for The Master & Margarita are incorrect on the syllabus: make the following changes -

Due Mon., Mar. 30: Chapters 12-15

Due Weds., Apr. 1: Chapters 16-20

Due Fri., Apr. 3: Chapters 21-24

Due Mon., Apr. 6: Chapters 25-28



Your Portfolio check-in and Prospectus due date has changed to 3.27.2009



Next week's classes (3.23-3.27) will be held in the Student Theater. See above "Events" for directions.



The bookstore should now have copies of Doctor Faustus.



- Instead of submitting through the Digication course page, students may want to consider creating their web portfolios and devoting pages to individual assignments (uploading them directly to the web). This will also assist those of you doing web pages by having your content already loaded. You can link to a file and/or place the text directly on a page.



- Students are no longer required to use Digication to submit their assignments. Students who wish to continue using it are welcome to do so. Students having trouble accessing the Course Page should still be able to create and use their own Portfolios (different system), and should not be discouraged from using Digication for their portfolios.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.